Trend Of Esports "Fazool Kaam"

Majority of youngsters are well aware of the importance of the Esports. Old days are gone when we used to play games just for pleasure and fun. We used to play games in our leisure time but now the time has changed. Now it’s a reason for “Zariya-e-Amdan” for many people.
There was a time when we could only play at our PC and PS but now you can play anywhere and anytime. The era is changing, we are now able to play the games on our personal mobile.
Many popular and famous games are

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Call Of Duty(COD)
  • Takken

How do People Earn?

A major source of income for many people is earning through Youtube. They live stream their games which crowd enjoy at their homes. After 10,000 Subscribers, Youtube lets the streamer to monetize their channel which allow them to display advertisement on it. Other than that developer themselves organize many world level Tournaments which reward you above your expectations.

Youtube streamers:

Some of the most favorite streamers are mentioned below

Pubg Streamers:

One of most played games in sub-continent is Pubg-mobile. Initially it was online available on PC but then it was released for Mobile as-well after viewing the interest of gamers.
Mobile Download
Mobile download


  • Mortal(Naman Mathur) is one of the most subscribed and competitive Pubg-Mobile player of India. He is a member of Soul clan. Mortal is mostly recognized for its IQ level games. Rather than his team performance in last tournament, he earned 1,000,000 IRs in OPPO conducted tournament and 60,000$ Vivo Club open. Just imagine what can you not do with this kind of handsome money Mortal Channel
  • Dynamo(Aadii Sawant) is the highest subscribed gaming channel of India. Even though he didn’t participate in any big tournament but his popularity is very high. One of his prominent dialogues is “Patt Se Headshot”. His Channel
  • Star Anonymous (Mubeen) is the highest subscribed channel of PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. He didn’t participate in any tournament but still he has good reputation in Pakistan and Sub-continent. He is notable for his “Sasti Shairi” His Channel

Fortnite Streamer:

Fortnite is not played much in Pakistan on screen but foreigners are very much in this business. Download (For Mobile)
Download (For PC)

  • Bugha(Kyle Giersdorf) is not well known on youtube but still he won The Fortnite World Cup at the age of only 16 years. Just have a wild guess how much money he won. He won 3,000,000$ yes, he won thirty lac dollars. It’s an eye-opening amount of money. What not we can do with this amount
  • Ninja ( Richard Tyler Blevins ) is one of the most subscribed Fortnite player. He is sponsored by red bull and adidas. He didn’t participate in any tournament but he hosted a tournament by Mixer.

Takken Player:

Who of us not played takken in our childhood? Takken is mostly recognized “token non wali game”

One of the best players and proud moment for Pakistan is ArslanAsh. This boy has issue in his one leg because of that he had to face trouble and pain in walking. But this guy won Takken 7 tournament and got the 500$. After that he just climbed every ladder of Success.


In the end we can say Esports entertain us and make us to earn at the same point. But to everything there are two faces. Disadvantages are it can damage the eyesight and it can hypnotize our mind. Some games are the reason of our rage and anger. Our elders have to understand it is not just a time-wasting thing and our youth have to know if we don’t use anything in limit, we have to face its side effects.

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