How To Register Company In UK

Are you planning to register your company in UK. First of all you have to collect all the required information that you need to register your company in UK to the company house.
It will include that how you will make your company startup and what kind of business structure you are going to select. Company includes step by step procedure for registration which is given below!

Structure of the Company:
When a person register his company in UK he registers as a private limited company by shares. This business structure is very much effective way regarding your tax management. If you are a company director you can pay less income tax in which you can draw some amount of money from company dividend.
Personal assets like car and house is another benefit which can’t be at risk unfortunately when your company is surviving from financial crises which is known as a term limited liability.

Registration of Company Name:
Before registering your company in UK you must need to check that your company name is available or not. While selecting your own company name we must do market research in which we will going to start business activities and at that time your competitor companies will provide you motivation.
Your company name is the first thing that people will know about your business so it must be meaningful and valuable which you can easily explain to the people. A company name looks good on a marketing material and company name will be short and easy to remember and also avoid those company names which are hard in spelling.

Formation of Company Package Selection:
You can register a quickly and simply with our company formation packages. The four packages are as following:
E-Formation (£9.99): perfect if you want to register a company name (UK) and don’t need any official printed documents.

Essential (£19.99): offers you complete confidence that you can register a company in the UK with the rules and regulations covered.

Entrepreneur (£59.99): kick-start your next big venture with official compliance and additional documents of incorporation.

Super (£89.99): complete secretarial and compliance package to establish your company on a robust footing.

Entering of Company Information:
The company which you register must be in UK and it must easy for your directors to reach destination. Companies house will like to know about name, date of birth and residential address of your company director and shareholder. Every company must have one director and shareholder.
You can also register your company at your home address and if you don’t want to register at home address you can register as an agent service which let your business at Central London location.

Allocation of Company Shares:
If you want to allocate shares of your company to your shareholders, best way is to allocate one share to each shareholder and make each individual share which worth 1 pound.

Memorandum of Association:
The documents of your company must be signed by company’s directors, shareholders and secretary before you register your company.

Submission of Application to Companies House:
Submit your registration application at companies house at 3“o” clock in daytime and best of luck for your new business.

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