Certification In Tax Laws

Certification In Tax Laws

Certification in Tax law is a specialist qualification in Pakistani tax laws. The qualification is designed to meet the needs of the students/professionals, whether as lawyers, accountants, auditors, public administrators, service providers or academics, who wish to build on their experience and attain a high level of specialist tax expertise.


Why Us?

The mission of Taxing Times Consultants Private Limited (TTCPL) (Member Company of Incubating Pakistan and BizCon Corporate Consultants) is to achieve excellence in educating professionals, advancing legal scholars, serving the public and fostering justice. We aspire to prepare businessman and tax consultant with a high level of accomplishment and a commitment to the highest ideals of the legal profession. Our curriculum is designed to teach candidates about the law and to help them develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice or business.


About Us

TTCPL is a group of consultants having Ex Commissioners, Chartered Accountants and Advocates. We provide cutting edge legal services having compatible developing framework for businesses. Our consultants focus on the specific needs of corporate and individual clients and work enthusiastically to provide them with best legal solutions. To update professionals in today’s ever changing dynamic taxation laws, we aim to provide them training/education sustainable for business development. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to train Graduates in field of business, Accountants, Auditors, Taxation Officers and Lawyers etc.



Our Instructors

Mr Muhammad Asif

Legal Advisor, FBR, Former Member Tribunal Inland Revenue & Chief Commissioner, FBR, Professional Trainer of Tax Officials)

Mr Muhammad Faizan

PwC Trained Tax Practitioner having industrial & consulting experience.

Mr Masood Akhtar

CA Finalist having industrial & consulting experience.

Yasir Alam

Butt: Deputy Commissioner FBR.

Mohsin Malik

CA Finalist having industrial & consulting experience.


CTL consists of 50 Credit Hours, 3 to 4 hours to be spent on every Saturday in a week, therefore, duration of 4 months (almost). New session is starting on 13th July, 2019.

On Campus

Rs. 17,000

On Skype

Rs. 15,000


Module 1: Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
Module 2: Sales Tax Act, 1990
Module 3: Basic Accounting Concepts + Judicial Review and related taxation.


Head Office: 564, Block G, Johar Town, Lahore


 To learn what business taxation is;
 To understand the fundamental laws relevant to business taxation;
 To be familiar with the registration procedures and guidelines and reportorial requirements by the taxpayer and his trade, business and profession;
 To be familiar with the types of taxes, IRIS used in filing of returns, deadlines of filing and payments and the computation of amount that should be reflected in the returns;
 To understand how to file income tax / sales tax return;
 To understand proceedings for commissioner appeals, tribunals and other tax authorities;
 To be aware of the possible remedies in case of tax assessment;
 Judicial Review and Power of High Court(s) regarding tax matters;
 Basic Accounting Principles.
 Admissible/Inadmissible deductions;
 Tax credits;
 Exemption certificates;
 Refunds;
 Withholding taxes;
 Letter drafting.


I. Overview of Income Tax Law.
II. Duties and liabilities of a taxpayer.
III. Taxation on:
a. Salary,
b. Business,
c. Property,
d. Capital Gain,
e. Dividends,
f. Profits on Debts and
g. Other Sources.
IV. Special/ Other Taxes may be applicable on taxable income:
a. Advance Tax,
b. Minimum tax,,
c. Alternate Corporate Tax,
d. Supper Tax.
V. Withholdings of Taxes:
a. Treatments,
b. Adjustable / Nonadjustable,
c. Exemptions,
d. Duties and Liabilities of withholding tax agents.
VI. Returns, Withholding Statements and Wealth Statements:
a. Preparations,
b. Filling,
VII. Assessments:
a. Understanding,
b. Treatments / Handlings
VIII. Audit Proceedings:
a. Procedures;
b. Compliances;
c. Handlings.
IX. Tax Credits:
a. Applicability,
b. Adjustments.
X. Refunds:
a. Procedure of application,
b. Documentation.
XI. Basic understanding of Deferred Taxation
XII. Appeals:
a. To the Commissioner (Appeals),
b. To the Appellate Tribunal, and
c. Relevant procedures and replies.
XIII. Exemptions and tax concessions.
XIV. All above with practical examples, case studies and Superior Courts’ judgments
XV. Tax Structuring of organization according to business need,
I. Overview of Sales Tax Laws (Federal & Provincial) in Pakistan
a. Basic Concept & Sales Tax Mechanism in Pakistan
b. Constitutional Validity
c. Understanding of important terms
II. Scope of Tax (Goods)
a. Goods chargeable to tax
b. Retail Price Items
c. Scope of Extra & Further Tax
d. Zero Ration
e. Time, Manner and Mode of payment
III. Scope of Tax (Services)
a. Taxable Services
b. Who is liable to pay tax
c. Time, Manner and Mode of payment
IV. Handling withholding tax under Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Laws
V. Dealing with reduced rate Goods & Services
VI. Input adjustment federal against provincial and vice versa
VII. Input tax adjustment restricted under Federal & Provincial Sales Tax Laws
VIII. Registration and De-Registration
IX. Suspension and Blacklisting
X. Sales Tax Record
a. Understanding of Sales Tax record
b. Specimens of sales tax invoice, purchase / sale / stock registers, Debit / Credit Notes and Other records including preparation by using MS Excel.
XI. Preparation of returns and e-filing procedure
XII. Determination of Sales Tax Liability
a. Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer, Exporter, Commercial Importer and Service Provider
XIII. Calculation and online feeding [Preparation of Sales Tax Return] for all above categories


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